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Unbalanced–This poem blew my mind!

Y’all, every now and again your run into someone who so cleanly and clearly articulates the tangled mess of emotions we feel inside. Let me introduce you to Unruly Spoken a.k.a Jashonia McQuin (pictured above). In her piece “Unbalanced,” she captures the anguish, anger, resilience, and the suffering that comes with mental illness. It’s something we’re taught not to discuss as black women, but she goes there. Read and absorb…



by Unruly Spoken

Unseen wounds and scars make the battle invisible to those who remain clueless. Internal turmoil that comes with a beautiful smile and pep in her step leads all who see her to believe she is on top of the world. Little do they know that the demons she battles daily make the villains in comic books seem like pound puppies waiting to be adopted. The Dreaded words MENTAL ILLNESS, oh no…HELL NO. Black women are NOT mentally ill, they’re just crazy and controlling. Kiss my ass. We raise your children, clean your homes, suck your dick and stand by you on the front lines while “THE MAN” tries to take it all. White women, we clean your homes, care for your children, do your work while climbing the corporate ladder and you took the elevator. Think that doesn’t stick pins in my psyche? Think again Becky, you and Megan took what I earned and flaunted it in my face. Watch me blow up in my car on the drive home. Oh, Brad asked if chocolate tastes greater with milk deep inside of it, gather your man before I do. I will not fall…..I will not fall. I will not fall for the suck it up and smile line to appease the masses any longer. I will not prance around pretending to be stronger than I am to make the world comfortable around this angry black woman who could have torn this plant to shreds ages ago had she chosen to. How easily one forgets that without us…none of you exists. We fight this war daily and are told to get over it, we think we are weak once we do finally seek help and we hid it from others. We are like beautiful stained glass that has been shattered but can be repaired when the right hands and minds come together to take the time to put us back together again.

8 thoughts on “Unbalanced–This poem blew my mind!

  1. Miss Spoken,
    You know you did your thang. I love this message, truly something unspoken in the black community. It definitely needs to be brought to light. Peace, love and respect Black Queen.

    1. Much respect! I will continue to support my people in any way I can. Thank you for your support

  2. Truth. A must share.

  3. Me.

  4. I love it! Through every storm, we will prevail. We make a way when all paths are blocked, when everyone is against us, even our own minds.

  5. I like this and so so understand if. #BeautifulStainedGlass

    1. *it

  6. This poem really spoke to me. Mental illness is difficult enough, but when you throw that into the intersection of being both black and a woman, it becomes particularly devastating. Thank you so much for shedding a light on this issue.

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